Welcome to Classic Home’s Warehouse Sale! We can’t wait for you to shop our deals. We know you have a ton of questions, so we’ve put together a handy guide. If you still have questions, one of our staff members outfitted in a turquoise t-shirt will be able to assist you during the sale. 



What type of products will be at the warehouse sale?
We will have a variety of home furnishing and textile products available. Product quantities are limited and not guaranteed. We recommend arriving early to secure the pieces you want.

What forms of payment do you accept? 
Cash and credit cards are accepted: MC, Visa, AmEx and Discover.

Can I return or exchange my purchase for something I like even more?
Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or exchanges, but feel free to buy as many things as you want.

I bought a sofa but cannot fit it in my Prius. Do you deliver?
On the day of the sale, you can get more information about our delivery service at the Delivery Desk.

Can I pick up my order later?
Pick up is available for paid merchandise only on the following Monday after the sale.

I bought a sideboard and drove a truck, but cannot load the item by myself. Can you help me?
Of course! One of our staff members can arrange for our warehouse crew to help you load your order.

Do you replenish stock during the sale?
Yes, we are constantly adding new product to the sales floor. 

Do you sell your products online?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not sell our warehouse sale products online. 

I love all your products and want to know more. How can I get more information?
Sign up for our e-mail newsletter HERE. 



What kind of wood do you use in your furniture?
Our furniture is made with 100% reclaimed or plantation grown wood. The most common wood types include pine, elm, acacia and sheesham.  

Where are these beautiful pieces from?
We source around the world to find inspiring pieces made by skilled artisans in India, China and Vietnam.

Your pillows are fabulous. What are they made of?
You’re too kind. Our most common pillow fabrics are cotton, 100% Belgian flax linen or a blend thereof.

Your rugs are even more fabulous than your pillows. What are they made of?
We have a wide variety of rugs made from materials such as wool, wool blends, viscose, and jute.